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March 16, 2020
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March 17, 2020

Can The Elderly Turn Back Time by Exercising?

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  • Can we turn back time by exercising

Pilot Case Study: Oulunkylä Rehabilitation Hospital
Learn how the rehabilitation hospital achieved physical improvements for their clients


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Ms Lena Karjaluoto, Executive Vice President, HUR, Finland

Pilot Case Study: Oulunkylä Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Curated Exercise Training Intervention
  • Utilisation of Intelligent Technology Concept
  • Impact on functional capacity
  • Leveraging on the benefits of strength training

Lena Karjaluoto,
MSc, iMBA,
is the Executive Vice President at company HUR in Finland and has many years of
experience in the healthcare technology field.

has more than 10 000 installations in rehab clinics and senior- and
nursing homes all over the world.

Developed as the result of a
research project at the University of Technology, Helsinki in 1989, the company
has maintained close ties with the research community ever since. The latest findings
are incorporated into both products and software – to be able to offer the
best solutions possible for preventive, rehabilitative and maintaining

Ms. Karjaluoto has
been actively part of the research team at WELMED LABs,

Health Science Unit,
Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland.


WELMED is a test
laboratory for assessment of physical functions and balance.

The measurements are
made with HUR muscle strength and HUR Labs balance

measuring equipment.


Testing and evaluating the strength and functional abilities is of
paramount importance when exercising the elderly in a successful way.
Functional evaluation and proper treatment will enhance the ability for senior
citizens to live an independent life. The presentation focuses on functional
evaluation as well as the practical solutions for senior people with help of
case studies from Finland.

The concept has been successfully used in Japan since end of 90’, when
the ageing population exploded rapidly in Japan. Recent new project in Asian
countries is the GymTonic concept in Singapore
, where many nursing homes and daycare centers now use the concept for giving
the elderly the strength day need, for the life they deserve.

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