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June 9, 2020
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Sweden’s COVID-19 Health and Community Care Strategy

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  • Sweden’s COVID-19 Health and Community Care Strategy

Gain insights on Sweden in the launch edition of the Ageing Asia Webinar Series – Global implications of COVID-19 on the eldercare sector in Asia Pacific.


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Sweden’s COVID-19 Health and Community Care Strategy

COVID-19 has set unprecedented implications on the socio and economic aspects across sectors and markets, and especially on the eldercare sector. Some of the highlights of this webinar includes a showcase of Sweden’s COVID-19 health and community care strategy by an eldercare operator. In addition, participants will also hear about activities to reduce social isolation and loneliness for seniors by community leaders, as well as how the sector is embracing new technologies and rehabilitation strategies to enable successful ageing.

The Swedish strategy aims to protect its senior and vulnerable citizens and to slow down the spread of the virus by flattening the curve and allow healthcare capacity to keep up with the number of active cases. As of 20 May 2020, there have been 31,523 confirmed cases, of which 1,886 received intensive care, and 3,831 deaths. Sweden has not imposed a lockdown, unlike many other countries, and kept large parts of its society open. Rather than impose bans, the Swedish government has focused efforts on encouraging the right behaviour and creating social norms rather than mandatory restrictions.

A leading eldercare operator will present in this webinar on Sweden’s COVID-19 health and community care strategy. She will be sharing insights on:

  • Pros and cons with the Swedish COVID strategy
  • What is the outcome so far?
  • Why did so many elderly get affected and died?
  • What lessons can be thought from this pandemic


Ms Petra Tegman, Deputy Operations Manager, Silvia Nurse, MSN Nursing Palliative Care and Dementia Care, STIFTELSEN SILVIAHEMMET (SilverBo), Sweden

Petra Tegman of Stockholm, Sweden is the Deputy Operations Manager at Stiftelsen Silviahemmet as well as CEO of Swedish Care International. Ms Tegman has extensive experience and expertise within the palliative care and dementia care arena. She is double Master of Sciences (M.Sc) nurse, District Nurse and Silvia Nurse specializing in both palliative and dementia care. Her experiences stretch from co-authoring “Palliativ vård vid demens” (Palliative Care with Dementia); to owning and operating a private dementia facility in Vendelsö, Sweden. She is passionate about the improvement and development of elderly care practice and methodologies with a special emphasis on the global public health challenge of solid dementia care.

Ms Janice Chia, Founder & Managing Director, Ageing Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

Influenced by the changing needs of her elders, Janice was inspired to start Ageing Asia to drive and nurture opportunities and the development of innovation and solutions that address the evolving needs of the rising ageing population in the region. Having accumulated a vast experience from visiting over 300 residential and aged care homes from over 15 countries since starting her practice in 2009, Janice has been actively involved in consulting organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market. She has also been quoted regularly in the media, such as the BBC, on Asia Pacific business trends in ageing. Janice has also launched several industry initiatives, including, ASPIRE55 Singapore – Asia’s first virtual retirement village, a wellbeing community that offers a combination of social, health and care services, but enables members to continue living in their existing homes.

Ageing Asia

Ageing Asia is an Ageing Market Consultancy Social Enterprise with the mission to change the way we age in Asia Pacific. We facilitate collaborations and strategic partnerships between CEO-level business, government and community leaders to access Asia Pacific’s US$3.3 trillion silver industry through a combination of in-depth industry research and networking with key decision makers in the business of ageing.

We also provide consulting to organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market place. Each event organised by Ageing Asia allocates at least 10% of the revenue to sponsor participants in not-for-profit sectors with free tickets and discounted rates to the events. Our charity initiative is the Art for Seniors Project that we developed to promote intergenerational bonding and interaction, and to brighten nursing homes through art.

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