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  • Ageing Asia Industry Conference The Netherlands

    The Industry Conference video clip showcase The Netherlands’ best practices models in dementia care, geriatric care, rehab, wellbeing, assisted living and service innovation.

    $99.00 Sold By Ageing Asia
  • The Art of Leading Others

    Leaders drive culture and performance within their teams and their ability to positively influence their people can directly impact an organisation’s success. This module combines theory with practical activities to consider the attributes of high performing teams in the work setting.

    $250.00 Sold By Gravitas Leadership Group
  • The Art of Personal Leadership and Influence

    This program is designed to support leaders in understanding the critical role of social competence – encompassing personal wisdom and people skills – in leading and inspiring others.  During the program you will complete a range of self-reflective activities to build self-awareness and understanding – critical abilities in the transformational leader.

    $0.00 Sold By Gravitas Leadership Group
  • 201704 – Alliance Journal April 2017

    This edition looks healthy ageing communities, and creating a friendly and understanding community. Take a glimpse into the top 3 ageing market potential – Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Australia.

    $57.00 Sold By Ageing Asia